Watershed Management

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Non-Emergency Pollution Hotline Reporting

Report active water quality, erosion or storm water runoff or pollutant problems that do not warrant emergency response but that that you think require immediate attention:
Pollution Hotline 343-4141

Emergency Response

Report emergency spills of hazardous materials or any other event that presents an immediate and significant threat to life or property:
Call 911 or Fire Dispatch 522-1122

Water Quality Problems

Report stormwater quality impacts to water bodies (streams, lakes, wetlands or marine shore waters):
Pollution Hotline 343-4141 or Watershed Management Reception 343-8135

Storm Drainage Problems

Report active problems with stormwater runoff coming from street drainage systems:
Street Maintenance 343-8277 or Watershed Management Reception 343-8135

Streams and Drainageway Problems

Report active problems with streams and stormwater drainage paths (drainageways):
Watershed Management Reception 343-8135

Wetlands Problems

Report wetlands problems to the Municipal Planning Department and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Planning 343-7900